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As a Senior Engineering leader at RTB House, you will have the opportunity to lead DevOps engineers and projects that enhance and refine how operational and developmental technologies are utilised within our company supporting complex, global high scale on-prem and cloud infrastructure. We are looking for a strong seasoned technical leader who will also manage a team of high-performing engineers. You will start as a manager of 13+ DevOps engineers distributed across various dev teams.


The following skills will be crucial:

  • Leadership skills, identify high-potential projects, create a vision, improve internal communication, communicate with stakeholders and execute.
  • Strong technical skills. We are looking for someone with the ability to technically lead projects.
  • Enhancing daily operational efficiency and team productivity.
  • Effective Cross-Team Collaboration and Communication: In this pivotal role, you will interact with senior engineering leaders across the organisation. It's essential to possess solid communication skills and the ability to organise work effectively, ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment between IT, business units and cross-functional teams. Your capability to bridge gaps and foster a culture of open dialogue will be crucial.
  • Ability to solve unclear problems. In each project, you will have to understand the core of the issue, define the goal and how to measure success and find the most effective way to solve the problem.
  • Being results-oriented. We value a healthy drive to solve problems effectively, by starting simple and using complex tools only when necessary, always striving for a simple, elegant solution.


Tech Stack

  • GCP & on-prem servers
  • Kubernetes, GCP serverless services 
  • GitHub, Gerrit
  • Terraform
  • GitHub Actions, Jenkins, GCP Cloud Build
  • bash, python


Must have

  • 8+ years of experience as a DevOps engineer or similar
  • 3+ years experience managing an engineering team.


What We Offer

  • Competitive Compensation: We offer an attractive salary package with significant growth opportunities
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Engage with the latest technologies on large-scale, dynamic projects
  • Wellbeing: extremely flexible working conditions - you work when it is convenient for you and devote as much time as you can; you can work fully remotely
  • Purpose-Driven Work: being at heart of the system, your growing knowledge and competences will be used in practical applications directly connected to business results