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We are looking for experienced programmers (preferably with experience in distributed systems) to join our team. We create our own solutions of large scale and complexity. The team consists mainly of senior developers who are happy to share their knowledge and ideas. If you want to work on technically complex and demanding solutions, this is the opportunity for you!

Your tasks:

  • Design and programming of a wide range of modules and components as part of a system that supports over 10 million queries per second with a latency below 50 ms
  • Taking care of selected technical or business areas
  • Managing a project team, making arrangements with other teams and units 
  • Ensuring the reliability and scalability of the solutions built
  • Analysis of new technologies in terms of their applicability in production conditions

Selected technologies used:

  • Java, Python
  • Aerospike, Memcached
  • Google Cloud Platform 
  • Jenkins, Graphite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic Search

Our expectations:

  • Excellent understanding of how complex IT systems work (from the hardware level, through software, to algorithms)
  • Ability to proactively define requirements, ask appropriate questions and draw conclusions that will combine technical constraints and business needs
  • Abillity to lead the design and implementation of a solution
  • Experience in leading, even a small project teams
  • Willingness to be involved in topics that go beyond programming and design, such as: responsibility for technical areas, communication with other teams, etc.
  • Proactive attitude, independence in taking action 
  • Extensive experience in programming and readiness to implement key system elements as well as involvement in code reviews
  • Good knowledge of methods of creating concurrent programs and distributed systems 
  • Ability to critically analyze created solutions in terms of performance (from estimating the theoretical performance of designed systems to detecting and removing actual performance problems in production)

We offer:

  • Attractive compensation
  • Work in a team of enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge and experience
  • Extremely flexible cooperation conditions - we do not have core hours, we do not have holiday limits, you can work fully remotely
  • Access to the latest technologies and the possibility of real use of them in a large-scale and highly dynamic project

Do you have questions about the project, team, work style? Visit our tech blog: