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Technical Account Manager for digital advertising campaigns

As a Technical Account Manager, you ensure the successful integration of RTB House tools with our clients' websites or applications and optimize their ad campaigns. Daily, you will optimise campaigns (performance/branding – web/in-app) to your best ability with regards to the deep learning UI and product that we have.
 In addition, you provide an efficient, timely response to possible campaign errors and early warnings. It is thanks to your analytical and support skills that we can ensure the implementation and realization of our clients' marketing goals.

 Why RTB House?

At RTB House, we focus on continuous education and professional development. Therefore, before you take over your first campaign, we guarantee you a comprehensive onboarding, along with an individual mentor who will guide you through the key issues and challenges related to the TAM role - so that you can feel confident in your new job. In addition, you can always count on the help of your Team Leader, as well as regular training (conducted by our subject-matter experts), access to an e-learning platform, and support with funding for external courses you might be interested in.


  • Launching advertising campaigns (including verifying tracking codes, ordering banners, and analyzing product feeds).
  • Learn, master, and perfect the usage of our internal UI to optimise campaigns well.
  • Making changes to new and existing campaigns, and also work on projects to better the lives of TAMs, whether local or APAC-wide.
  • Ongoing monitoring of all advertising campaigns assigned to you.
  • Proactive response to campaign errors and warnings (troubleshooting, suggesting new processes, looking deeper into errors)
  • Cooperating with Account Managers, sales, business teams, graphic designers, and other departments.


  • Proven experience in tech support, digital marketing, or analytical roles (data analysis, finance, accounting, etc.).


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