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eMarketer interview with Radek Dobrołęcki, US Business Development Director RTB House

It’s a marketer’s dream to be able to predict a customer’s next move and make decisions based off that. But with an increasing volume of customer data at their fingertips, marketers need technology to help with the almost overwhelming task. eMarketer’s Tricia Carr spoke with Radoslaw Dobrolecki, US business development director at retargeting technology company RTB House, about how artificial intelligence (AI) can help predict customer behavior at scale—even for the segment of one—and the challenges marketers face in this arena. Read More

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The Game for Deep Learning Has Just Begun

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The goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make computers as smart, or even smarter, than human beings by giving them human-like thinking and reasoning abilities. But there are many ways to achieve this. Daniel Surmacz explains where the future of artificial intelligence lies.

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