How to Effectively Promote Marketplaces Through Targeted Advertising

Online marketplaces are at the heart of digital retail. A multi-vendor site faces different challenges to a single-seller online store. This report explains how digital advertisers need to address those challenges and how targeted campaigns can empower marketplaces.

In the guide:
  • More than half of all online purchases are made through multi-vendor platforms. Marketplaces have helped us navigate through a global crisis and are setting the course for online commerce in the future.

  • And yet marketplace operators still face challenges… Competition is growing, more brands are aggressively advertising online, and it’s harder to attract and retain customers.

  • We have put together this report to help marketplace operators navigate the evolving relationship with online customers and drive conversions and revenue.


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Steps to building effective campaigns outlined

133k €

The average annual value of sales for vendors on Amazon in 2020. That’s 60% more than the year before

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Local marketplaces thrive in Europe because each nation is essentially a niche market but with millions of potential customers—which is more than enough to sustain numerous large, multi-vendor sites.

Adrian Rybicki

Vice President of Sales, RTB House Poland

Attracting more loyalty-tier members is a great way to bring proven value to the business. Rather than focusing only on performance ads that stimulate single sales, you can tell people about your customer service and satisfaction rates.

Agnieszka Gilewska

Business Development Director, RTB House Poland

It is important to acknowledge that the world is not the same place now as it was 12 months ago. Marketplaces need to consider the type of advertising that works most effectively now and how it might change in the future.

Volodymyr Opanasenko

Head of Account Management Strategy, RTB House Poland

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