For us, the inclusion of the other retargeter in the marketing activities was a debatable solution at first. But we decided to take up this challenge and it turned out to be a good way to go. By launching the campaign in collaboration with RTB House we managed to increase the scale of the traffic without boosting the unit costs, which was our concern before. The overall effect we have observed is a truly significant one.

Sylwia Zdrowak

Digital Marketing Manager, Allani

ALLANI is one of the largest promotional platforms in Poland for fashion online stores. It brings together users interested in purchasing not only their favorite fashion brands, but also lifestyle enthusiasts willing to buy products online.


 A smooth introduction of a secondary retargeting campaign for traffic volume increase and better results than in case of single retargeting provider.


  •  Effective costs kept at an assumed level.
  •  Summary effects exceeding Partner’s expectations.

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