One of our biggest goals is to thrill people with what we believe in, which is our truth. The partnership with RTB House enabled us to transmit the emotion that we were trying to express, and to get off the conventional path, thinking of effective solutions for all stages of our funnel, whether in awareness, for people who did not know us yet; in consideration, communicating to those who are already close to every beautiful product we have; or conversion, generating a sensible final sale.

Rayssa Ferreira

Media Coordinator at FARM


Expected reach achieved


expected CTR achieved

Up to 70%

Viewability rate


Savings on estimated CPV

Colors and prints of a lifestyle that delights the world. That is how FARM can be defined; a multi-national Brazilian fashion brand that creates exclusive pieces inspired by the lifestyle of the young women of Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1997, the brand already has 76 own-brand stores across Brazil and abroad, as well as trading in more than 1,500 multi-brand stores and through its own e-commerce channel. With a disruptive vision, FARM innovates with the exclusivity and liveliness of its unique prints, as well as with its customer service. The company’s stores have services, styles, scents and, of course, colors, which were not customary in the market.


How do you impact users with relevant and attractive communications while also encouraging them to advance through the sales funnel? RTB House had already consolidated itself as FARM’s retargeting provider, conducting performance campaigns focused on sales since 2017 and generating outstanding results thanks to its flexible, highly customizable ad technology, which drives precise recommendations and effectiveness for users. The new challenge would be to bring the same level of results to awareness and consideration campaigns, with distinct and well-established KPIs for each of the new objectives.


The aim was to create an impeccable user experience at all stages of the sales funnel, from awareness to conversion. Therefore, the chosen platform was the RTB House AI Full-Funnel, which is based in the same Deep Learning* technology that is already used in FARM’s performance campaigns. The solution would offer branding campaigns in the top stages of the funnel and can:

=    identify the exact position of users in the sales funnel

=    interpret the context in which the ad will appear

=    customize messages and formats according to the objectives of the campaign


RTB House AI Full-Funnel solution enabled FARM to generate outstanding results in all stages of the sales funnel, exceeding the established goals. It offered users a fresh and inspiring look at the brand and engaged them with new collections.

=    The Video Ads was the most prominent strategy, with almost all awareness KPIs exceeding initial expectations:

○        3x expected reach achieved

○        175% expected CTR achieved

○        Up to 70% Viewability rate

○        59% savings on estimated CPV

=    The Display Branding strategy generated significant engagement in both awareness and consideration campaigns, and the AI Full Funnel campaign delivered results which were not achievable using a standard approach.

○        Awareness: 120% of CTR goal reached

○        Consideration: 175% of the CTR goal reached

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