We need innovative partners to keep our innovative approach, and I know that RTB House can
provide us both with the ROI control for outstanding performance, and also has the flexibility to help us provide innovative experiences within our creatives.

Hassan Yassine

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at GAIA.


revenue increase

Gaiadesign.com.mx is a company from Mexico that sells a wide variety of furniture and design accessories, both proprietary and carefully selected pieces from different urban styles — contemporary, traditional, artisanal, industrial, or with a retro touch. GAIA’s manifesto is to provide a high-level experience for its customers through inspiring, modern and versatile products, as well as through a quick, easy, and safe shopping experience (both online and offline).


To keep its high-level e-shop experience not only within the website but also throughout the advertising pieces, GAIA continuously challenged RTB House to innovate in its retargeting creatives without decreasing the ROI.


Thanks to its Deep Learning algorithms, RTB House provided the Client with accurate control of the ROI goals. Together with the flexibility of its platform, it made it possible to test innovative dedicated banners and continuously monitor its performance according to predefined business goals.


A great example of the perfect synergy between flexibility and campaign efficiency could be measured in November 2018 – the most important month for Mexico’s e-commerce, which gathers almost all special e-commerce dates like Buen Fin, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. For this period, GAIA planned a custom banner strategy with specific promotional banners for each sales period. Complex, but successful.

The revenue increased by 136% compared to the average of the previous 3 months. And even though there was a huge peak on sales (mostly on Buen Fin), RTB House used a dynamic target control and was able to meet the client’s ROI target. After the promotion period ended, RTB House could continue to deliver the client’s target ROI during the first months of the year, which are not so strong in terms of sales.


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