Launching RTB House alongside our existing retargeting providers increased our reach, doubled our conversions from retargeting while keeping the agreed budget. We’re thrilled that we chose to follow through on multiple retargeter strategies, not only due to higher performance but also because we’re far less dependent on one retargeting provider.

Hongyan Wang

Global Growth Digital Re-engagement Lead at eBay Classifieds Group


More conversions


More traffic Ltd is a leading classifieds marketplace in the United Kingdom with a mission to improve people’s everyday lives. As a part of eBay Classifieds Group, Gumtree now reaches over 25% of the population in the UK, and is visited by 13.8 million unique users monthly. The classifieds company is determined to become a top 10 digital destination for users in the UK.


Gumtree already had one retargeting provider deployed before meeting with RTB House. The challenge was to find new ways to drive more traffic back to the website, activate lapsed users and increase existing user activity. Effective conversion meant getting results for Gumtree’s two primary revenue streams: increased number of ads and a larger number of promoted posts.


RTB House team proposed an effective combination: add another retargeter and leverage deep learning technology to drive more conversions with the same ad spend. Unlike other retargeting providers, RTB House offered to deliver highly personalized messages to most-likely-to-convert users in real-time, at various stages of their shopping journey.

  • Implemented multiple retargeting strategies
  • Segmented and targeted users on multiple touch-points within their customer journey
  • Launched in-app campaign and introduced a unified retargeting strategy across mobile and web
  • Optimized for the most efficient CPA and the highest scale


Deploying the multiple retargeting strategies with Gumtree’s campaigns doubled conversion efficiency and improved traffic efficiency by 1/3. The contributing factors towards the success of multiple retargeting includes:

  • Multiple retargeters win more auctions for high-value users
  • Deep learning technology drives more personalized creatives at the right time
  • Exclusive partnerships with supply partners opened up new user pools

Gumtree continues to use multiple retargeting strategies that leverage different technologies and algorithms at the same time. It delivers not only outstanding performance results but also greater reach, efficiency, and transparency among technology vendors.

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