“Communication and fast response were key to the campaign. We had to adjust goals on short notice and RTB House was ready to make the changes while giving us the whole picture of the implications of such changes. Thanks to this, we were always in control of the outcomes and aligned with our dynamic strategy.”

Martín Álvarez,
HOT SALE Director at AMVO

“RTB House helped us to implement disruptive formats for AMVO, as given the nature of the Hot Sale website we were unable to configure dynamic retargeting through other platforms. With RTB House we were able to test these formats and to show users all the discount products from different types of sponsors.”

Oscar Cruz Becerra,
Account Manager at Epa Digital

+ 64K

conversions over 11 days

+ 50k

conversions from mobile devices

HOT SALE is the largest online sales campaign in Mexico, created by the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO) to develop and grow electronic commerce in Mexico.
During HOT SALE, participating companies offer exclusive discounts to encourage internet sales throughout the country, reinforcing the relevance of electronic commerce.
In 2020, HOT SALE was held from May 22 to June 1, and represented 20.8 million purchase orders, generating total sales of more than 20B MXN.


Campaigns like HOT SALE create great opportunities, but considering their short duration, consistent data and smart marketing communications is crucial to get the most out of the customer experience and sales results. This was the challenge faced by AMVO and EPA Digital – the agency in charge of managing the online marketing strategy for HOT SALE 2020 and selecting the best tools on the market to boost the performance of the campaign’s main website (hotsale.com.mx), which published the main offers from 440 registered companies over 11 days.

Retargeting was chosen as a strategic tool to boost sales throughout the website. In such an intense and dynamic scenario, and also considering the particularities of the website – which was not the final electronic commerce channel and would gather offers from many different sponsors – a flexible and reliable provider was required, capable of implementing a personalized, successful campaign short term, delivering consistent results in a transparent approach.

With RTB House’s full-funnel solution, users can be targeted in real-time depending on their position in the funnel. RTB House was able to offer personalized creatives that targeted users whether they were in the awareness, consideration, or conversion stage. By using first-party data to identify look-a-like audiences, the awareness campaign impression was precisely targeted according to each user’s behavior.


The retargeting solution provided by RTB House and used by the EPA Digital agency was essential for the HOT SALE 2020 campaign, thanks to its Deep Learning technology, which provides outstanding results through its great response capacity and flexibility. Such a flexible approach was able to provide a campaign supported by a wide variety of banner formats, with high dynamic product recommendation capabilities, which allowed HOT SALE to rely on high-level customization to drive both performance and brand experience.

In addition to this powerful technology, close and constant communication between the AMVO, EPA Digital, and RTB House teams made it possible to go through the entire implementation process and prepare the campaign in a few days, also allowing the rapid adaptation of goals during the short sales period to maximize results at each stage of the campaign.


Immediate response to changing campaign goals: the campaign targeted higher volume in the first six days
and was adapted to focus on CPA optimization over the following seven days.

The algorithm adaptation was fast, and results could be monitored immediately after the

  • More than 64k conversions over 11 days
  • More than 50k conversions from mobile devices
  • 49 different banner templates enabled with a dynamic product personalization

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