By using a multiple-retargeting strategy, we doubled high quality retargeting traffic. This resulted in additional revenue. For us, RTB House is a valuable partner that keeps promises. We particularly value their flexibility and the exceptional customer service.

Nuno Cristóvão

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greater results, multi-retargeter over single-retargeter

110K +

clicks driven to website in one month is the largest price comparison website in Portugal. It gathers more than 1 million products from over 500 stores, enabling customers to find the best products available, at the best prices.

THE CHALLENGE originally used a single provider for their retargeting strategy. While satisfied with their results, they saw potential in a multiple-retargeting approach and decided to try RTB House. The Client had very high expectations of introducing an additional retargeter. Both retargeters would work simultaneously in order to present better outcomes, without breaking budgets. The goal was to double the number of clicks acquired by retargeting campaigns while keeping the Conversion Rate level at a minimum of 90%.



RTB House worked on the same payment conditions as the first retargeter, so setup was straightforward and the additional retargeter was launched. After just one month of the multiple-retargeting campaign, the client achieved the expected improvement in results and decided to continue cooperation with both providers.


  • RTB House delivered over 110 thousand visits in one of the most challenging months of the campaign
  • The Conversion Rate reached by RTB House exceeded 90%
  • According to the Client’s data, the overall result from the multiple-retargeting campaign was two times higher than from a single campaign

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