RTB House’s support was fundamental for us to strengthen our e-commerce performance before and during Hot Sale through consistent media solutions. We could boost our campaigns with very attractive ads and ensure a great experience for the users. This partnership totally made a difference for our business!

Juan Pablo Ambrogetti

Digital Marketing Manager at La Anónima


impressions in branding campaigns


of the retargeting conversions came from branding


bigger revenue in five months


average CTR from video ads

La Anónima is a chain of supermarkets that operates mainly in the region of Patagonia. Today, the company has 164 branches in 85 cities across Argentina, making it, as of 2021, the fourth-biggest supermarket chain in the country by sales with over 11,000 employees.
In 2015, the brand decided to add an online channel to its operations and, as a relatively young platform, they turned to RTB House to get support with the growth of the online branch of their business.


La Anonima has a strong position as an offline supermarket. However, the e-commerce sector competes not only with other mid- and large-format supermarkets but also in a highly competitive multicategory retailers market, especially when it comes to intense promo periods.

In order to increase the visibility of the online shop, engage users to visit the website, and grow sales during the Hot Sale period in Argentina, the brand needed a holistic media approach, addressing each stage of the sales funnel to ensure users would be ready to buy with them at the end of the journey

Campaign Goals:

  • Bring high potential new users to the website
  • Keep the conversion cost on agreed level
  • Ensure efficient budget allocation between campaigns
  • Ensure targeting of users in specific locations across Argentina
  • Leverage the conversions during Hot Sale period


RTB House designed tailored ads to meet all the goals throughout the consumer journey by utilizing the AI Full Funnel solution. Its AI-powered technology helped to identify users at different stages in real time and displayed diverse and relevant ad formats for a high level of personalization and the best experience with the brand. For new users, soft and engaging dynamic video ads were chosen, while users familiar with the brand were targeted with performance display creatives.

By using first-party data, we were able to target the users that had similar interests as the existing users of the shop, at the same time protecting the brand from inappropriate context via the Brand Safety solution. Geotargeting was also applied to ensure even more precise targeting of the desired audiences.


The RTB House team of specialists ensured daily optimization to keep cost per sale at the agreed level and managed the most effective budget distribution between upper, middle, and lower funnel campaigns. Thanks to the combination of technology and expertise, they could bring more users to the website during the promo period, with all expected KPIs being achieved:

  1. +35MM impressions in all Branding campaigns
  2. Users previously impacted by Branding (Jan to Apr) were responsible for 56.5% of retargeting total clicks in the promo period
  3. 19% of the total visits on the website during the promo period came from users impacted by Branding strategies
  4. During the promo period, users previously impacted by Branding (Jan to Apr) were responsible for 30% of retargeting total conversions

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