RTB House’s support and retargeting technology were critical to increase our app revenue, primarily because they allowed us to warm up the user base and drive our retention KPIs across the platform. Implementing an MMP close to such an important campaign for our brand was also a great challenge, but the constant alignment with the Customer Service team ensured that everything happened in the best possible way

Arnaldo Borim

Digital Platforms Manager at Marisa


in revenue in the first month with in-app retargeting


of ROI target

142% CTR

of the average CTR for the Fashion sector in the current month

Marisa is the largest women’s fashion and lingerie chain in Brazil. For over 70 years, the brand has built an intimate relationship with its consumers, understanding and responding to their needs. Marisa’s main purpose is to strengthen women’s self-esteem.

Throughout its history, the company is known and recognized for its slogan “From Woman to Woman”. It has approximately 344 stores in premium locations all around Brazil and is a pioneer in the e-commerce sector, with two decades of online experience. Marisa also has a financial products and services division, MBank, created to provide product financing to its clients.


The brand’s main challenge was to increase the app’s revenue. For this, there was a need to increase traffic on the platform and retain more users, which demanded media solutions based on advanced technology. However, the brand needed to implement a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), prepare the app for retargeting campaigns and integrate them with the web environment in record time, before a very important promotional period: Mother’s Day.


Marisa already knew the power of RTB House’s retargeting on the web, which uses Deep Learning algorithms, the most advanced branch of Artificial Intelligence, to guarantee ultra-personalized and 50% more efficient ads in campaigns. The solution found was to bring the same technology to the app. To ensure that all configurations and integrations were completed before the promotional period, there was constant alignment with RTB House’s Account Management team, which also happened throughout the campaign, so that budget allocation and KPI optimization took place in the best way and the ROI was scaled quickly.

The in-app retargeting campaigns were also integrated with the Appsflyer platform (MMP) for more assertive monitoring of all metrics.


• +1M in revenue in the first month with in-app retargeting

• Before completing 2 months of the campaign, the billing via app was already 4x higher than the web one • 105% of ROI target

• 142% of the average CTR for the Fashion sector in the current month, based on internal data from RTB House

• With ROI escalating, the campaign budget for the second month was 18x higher than the first

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