RTB House can even deliver strong results in a competitive industry such as high-end fashion, in a cost-efficient way, and guarantee our business goals with last-click Google Analytics attribution


William Sillemann

Head of Digital Marketing, Emerging Markets at Miinto







Miinto is one of Europe’s largest e-commerce fashion platforms with more than 5,000 brands. Founded in 2009, Miinto is going through a period of intense international expansion and currently has a presence in 13 countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Focusing on providing its customers with the broadest and finest assortment of clothing and accessories from international fashion brands, Miinto reached out to RTB House in order to scale up their operation in regards to display remarketing advertising.


Miinto was looking for a strong partner to take their display remarketing advertising to the next level. A partner that could deliver strong results in a competitive industry such as high-end fashion in a cost-efficient way and guarantee the business goals
with last-click Google Analytics attribution.


RTB House created a retargeting campaign using Deep Learning Technology which can navigate through huge amounts of data in order to find and target users who did not yet convert browsing to sales. Using banner ads for the retargeting campaign RTB House would be able to manage the return on advertising spend (ROAS) in an effective, time-efficient manner.

RTB House implemented the campaign in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands with ROAS (return on advertising spend) as a top KPI.


Leveraging the power of Deep Learning for this campaign, RTB House was able to provide an uplift in ROAS by 18%.

Ultimately this led to a 66% increase in Average Order Value (AOV) and an impressive 200% uplift in revenue, highlighting that the utilization of Deep Learning can yield some very positive results when used for retargeting campaigns in the fashion industry.

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