In O2 Slovakia we are focusing not only on customers who are making their purchases online but also on those who are looking for information about mobile products on the Internet, finalizing their purchases online. For both of these groups, the vast spectrum of information about plans and possibilities is important. RTB House remarketing campaigns were able to deliver on this.

Anna Olvecká

Online Strategist, B2B Group – performance agency representing O2 Slovakia


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O2 is one of Slovakia’s biggest and most prominent mobile service providers. Originally known as Telefónica, O2 began in Slovakia with commercial services on February 2, 2007, with about 600 thousand pre-registered users and 400 thousand Slovaks actively using the O2 service. The operator now has 1.8 million active SIM cards. Owned by PPF, the company is a subsidiary of O2 Czech Republic.


The telecommunications industry is a highly competitive environment. Only those who are able to keep up a consistent presence can succeed. O2 wanted to increase brand visibility among their target group, hence the company decided to focus not only on those users who were highly likely to convert and come over to O2, but also on those who were only visiting the website and not necessarily considering a purchase.


The retargeting campaign, implemented by RTB House, was designed to increase web traffic while maintaining the conversion rate. What did we do? First, we analyzed and targeted users based on their potential to make a purchase.

Then, we divided them into 3 segments: visitors, users who added products to the shopping cart, and users that have already actually made a purchase. The last part was the preparation of various banner sets and advanced retargeting strategies based on those segments.


  • Thanks to our advanced retargeting campaign, O2 reached 0.35% CTR. We displayed 5.5 million banners every month, effectively redirected users to the O2 website, increased traffic, and boosted their customer conversion rate.
  • Each user segment was targeted individually, using three special sets of banners. As a result, our Client´s budget was utilized effectively and the best possible outcome for the campaign was attained.

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