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Polkomtel LLC, the Plus network operator, is one of Poland’s biggest telecommunication operators. Polkomtel LLC is also a part of the biggest media-telecommunication groups in Poland with 6.1 million contracted clients and providing over 16.5 million services which include cellphone services, cable networking and Internet access.


Effective implementation of retargeting strategies in Plus’s marketing campaigns was mainly connected to the commitment to fulfill their complex communication requirements. In 2015 Plus launched a new, cutting edge strategy entitled “Me + my capabilities”, which focused mainly on individuals looking to quench their thirst for knowledge and satisfy their curiosity; individuals who were looking for comprehensive solutions which connected telecommunication with entertainment. The aim of the campaign was to reflect the brand’s image: modern, limitless, jovial, vital and current. Above all, the wide array of tones introduced into the campaign via Plus’s marketing communications department found its representation in the offer tailored towards client’s diverse needs. RTB House took on the responsibility of preparing satisfactory technological and strategic retargeting solutions for the Plus brand.


RTB House developed a retargeting campaign with accurately tailored and fully automated advertising creatives taking into consideration Plus’s diverse client groups. RTB House produced over 450 personalized and dynamic banners working in-sync with Plus’s detailed offers including options such as consumer geared color coded communication (6 colors) as well as selection of products (i.e. smartphones) depending on the type of a contract.


RTB House turned out to be the only retargeting provider capable of delivering services which fully met with client’s needs by designing a campaign customized to fit the requirements related to client’s brand identity and sales targets.

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