Our aim for the Black Friday campaign was to maximize brand awareness with a set ROI target. Thanks to the adaptive bidding technology offered by RTB House, we managed to automatically transfer the increase in relevancy during the period, manifested in higher CTR and conversion rate, into 208% more traffic.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the RTB House Account Manager, we were able to adapt our creatives with a Black Friday theme resulting in 33% CTR increase.

Fredrik Elvang

Traffic and Optimization Lead at PriceRunner


traffic increase


CTR increase

PriceRunner.com is an independent price comparison website, active primarily in Sweden and Denmark, with a fast-growing presence in the UK as well. PriceRunner’s mission is to help consumers find better products and better prices. Every month, PriceRunner helps hundreds of thousands of consumers find better, cheaper products and save money by comparing prices.


PriceRunner had already worked with RTB House on standard retargeting campaigns. They wanted to run a temporary Black Friday campaign with dedicated creatives. They appreciated great performance results delivered  by RTB House banners, which is why they reached out with this matter as well. The challenge for RTB House was to maximize traffic volume from retargeting in the Black Friday week (November 19-26, 2018) while maintaining a specified ROI.



In order to meet the Client’s business needs, RTB House implemented a personalized retargeting campaign, powered by Deep Learning and focused on maximizing performance results. RTB House developed unique creative adaptations, designed specifically for Black Friday (applied a black template, added promotional information to drive higher CTRs), and utilized the coupon format. Moreover, the Client worked closely with a dedicated customer service team to execute tactical ROI adjustments, which were lowered live during certain time periods.


The suggested approach, the quality of proposed banners, and the campaign launched during Black Friday week led to satisfying performance results:

  • 3x higher traffic volume
  • 33% increase in CTR 
  • Higher conversion rate


Check PriceRunner’s Black Friday website

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