The period between March and May had very expressive campaigns for our brand, both for commemorative dates and for the launch of collections. In this sense, we needed to explore media solutions as much as possible to mainly obtain awareness and engagement from our audiences. The excellent results show how RTB House’s support and technology were fundamental for us to develop really attractive and relevant campaigns.


Paulo Thiago Camêllo

Head of Digital Business and CRM at Vivara


of VTR goal


of the Viewability goal


of the Clicks’ goal


of the Reach goal

Vivara has been committed to developing products with the same care as ancient goldsmiths for almost 60 years, creating exclusive and timeless jewelry and making each story unique and special. It is the largest jewelry chain in Brazil, with more than 260 stores in the main cities of the country, and it acts on several fronts to provide more and more consistency to its sustainability policies. It is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, and the only Brazilian jewelry company that is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, global organization that seeks to disseminate the best sustainable practices among companies in the sector. Vivara also continuously supports social organizations in the communities in which it operates, through the Life for Good project.


Vivara’s main objective was to develop complete funnel campaigns that would communicate the launch of its new collections and enhance the awareness and engagement of users with the brand, as well as increase traffic to its website on special dates.


To achieve its goals, Vivara relied on RTB House’s AI Full Funnel solution, which through Deep Learning algorithms – the most advanced branch of Artificial Intelligence – identifies the user’s stage in the marketing funnel and impacts them with ads that, according to their interests, are relevant to them at the time. Through this technology, RTB House operated the Life by Marina, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day campaigns for the brand over a period of 3 months.

Dynamic and interactive ads were prioritized, such as video ads, zipper ads (with institutional content and products), and social banners, which allow the user to “like” or “dislike” the products displayed. All of them guaranteed a high level of personalization, engagement, and attractiveness. An ad video, for example, can have up to 10,000 combinations of products within its recommendations, according to the user’s interest.


The brand achieved great results in three different campaigns at all stages of the marketing funnel, with a really significant impact on the user experience. The focus is mainly on Awareness and Consideration KPIs, such as VTR, Viewability, Reach, and the number of clicks. Check it out below:


Campaign – Launch Life By Marina – 03/19 – 03/31 (Full Funnel)


  • 127% of VTR goal
  • 121% of the Viewability goal
  • 60% savings in CPV compared to the established target
  • 279% of the reach goal


  • 189% of the CTR goal
  • 348% of the clicks’ goal
  • 70% savings on CPC compared to the established target
  • 486% of the reach goal

Mother’s Day Campaign – 04/21 – 04/30 (Consideration + Conversion)


  • 49% savings on CPC compared to the established target
  • 126% of the CTR goal
  • 199% of the clicks’ goal
  • 211% of the reach goal


Valentine’s Day Campaign – 05/21 – 05/31 (Consideration + Conversion)


  • 9% savings on CPC compared to the established target
  • 111% of the clicks’ goal
  • 217% of the reach goal

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