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PriceRunner Case study

Bringing Higher Traffic Volume Under the Same ROI Goal

Price comparison service applies multiple retargeting strategy to boost conversion rates.

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higher volume under the same ROI goal


average conversion rate from retargeting increased


About the client is an independent price comparison website, active primarily in Sweden and Denmark, with a fast-growing presence in the UK as well. PriceRunner’s mission is to help consumers find better products and better prices. Every month, PriceRunner helps hundreds of thousands of consumers find better, cheaper products and save money by comparing prices.

What they say about us

“What we value the most about cooperation with RTB House is their responsiveness and accountability – they are eager to deliver the results we need. Their technology gives us an edge in acquiring retargeting traffic cost-efficiently. RTB House has also proven to us that they were a partner we could depend on and continuously improve our work together.”

Fredrik Elvang

Traffic and Optimization Lead, PriceRunner


The challenge

PriceRunner had already worked with another retargeting provider. However, they were looking for a new partner who would help them work with retargeting and pushing the boundaries.

The challenge for RTB House was to increase traffic volume from retargeting (without cannibalization) while maintaining a specified ROI.


The solution

To meet the Client’s expectations, RTB House implemented a personalized Deep Learning-powered retargeting campaign, focused on maximizing traffic and conversions from retargeting without cannibalizing other channels.

Additionally, the Client worked closely with a dedicated customer service team to try out different campaign setups (ROI goals, optimization for sub-campaigns, etc.). For special days like Black Friday, temporary campaigns with dedicated creatives were launched.


The result

After the first month of cooperation, RTB House as an additional retargeter brought PriceRunner satisfying results:

  • Overall traffic volume and quality increased while the other provider maintained its volume
  • Retargeting volume increased by 12.8% under the same ROI goal
  • Average conversion rate from retargeting increased by 21.5%


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