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Build emotional bonds with upper-funnel video and display campaigns. Being seen is the key to success in a crowded online market. Inspire people with dynamic ads that start customers on the path to quicker purchases and long-term brand connections.

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The internet is now home to dynamic branding content.
Display ads are vital for sharing your message, but video is also growing fast. We came to play

90% of web users say that a video helps them decide whether to buy a product or service.
Viewers retain around 95% of a video’s message compared to the same content in written form.
Video ads are steadily taking a larger share of the digital advertising sector each year.
85% of marketers already use video to speak to upper-funnel users.

More effective branding ad campaigns than ever before

Brand impact maximized. Reach new and existing users who need a soft entry to your brand. We use first-party and behavioral data to understand people as individuals and reach out to them with display and video content at the right time and place online. Target specific personas that are most valuable to your brand.

Ads don’t just stand out from the crowd, they give you outstanding ad budget optimization.

Hyper-personalized display materials carry the exact message you want to convey, while dynamic content optimization (DCO) allows you to show inspiring videos that capture and sustain attention.


The metrics that
really matter

Making a good impression doesn’t necessarily mean displaying more impressions. Advertisers are seeking providers who can offer better visibility with the same or less budget. Deep Learning campaigns optimize budget by putting your ads in front of the right users and measuring effectiveness against the only industry standards that matter.


Cost per Completed View. We focus on measuring the people who fully engaged with our content, to show maximum effectiveness.


Cost per 1000 impressions. Know that your brand is being seen and making a really big impression in the digital world.


Get even more certainty of success. A Cost Per Viewable Impression model means you only pay when you know that your ad truly hit the mark.


Branding case studies

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A leader in excellence

Recognition from our peers, industry influencers, and the business community is proof that we are doing it right.

One of AdExchanger’s 2024 Programmatic Power Players

2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award for AI Full-Funnel Marketing Solution

Bronze Stevie®️ Award for Streaming Video Ads in the Marketing/Public Relations Solution category

2022 The Drum Digital Advertising Award for Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading (buy side)

2020 MarTech Breakthrough Award in the AdTech Innovation category

Gold Stevie® Award for AI Full-Funnel in the Marketing/Public Relations Solution category

Silver Stevie® Award in the Most Innovative Company of the Year category, third year in a row

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