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Take control of your game. Provide better experiences to existing players and retain your most valuable users. Deep Learning-powered retargeting gives your game a boost and helps you retain users, keep them coming back, and unlock maximum lifetime value.

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Get to know users from
a first-person perspective

Mobile-first technology

Implement tailored, technology-driven engagement strategies to stand out from the crowd on any device.

Smart user segmentation

Define unique user segments and tailor your message to best fit your engagement strategy and reach each individual player.

Reaching your business goals

Define your KPIs and let the Deep Learning engine deliver the right performance through automatic bid adjustments that help exceed your business goals.


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Increase revenue from paying players and bring lapsed users back to the game. Our campaigns automatically recalibrate based on individual user behaviors, daily usage rates, gameplay activities, and more. This serves your specific KPIs and keeps you ahead of the competition.

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Retargeting Campaigns

Optimized Targeting For Higher ARPPU Scores

Mobile gamers have an endless choice of apps and limited playing time. Increasing your revenue involves getting new users to keep your app for longer and keeping existing users more engaged. Challenge the assumption that you are generating maximum revenue from existing players. Deep Learning can optimize in-app communications for even your most engaged users and generate additional revenue. Drive spend from individual users and increase retention and stickiness.

Re-engagement Campaigns

Give an energy boost to lapsed users

Even if they love a game, players often move on within 30 days of installing. Bring valuable players back to the game by increasing actions like app re-opens, re-installs, first deposits, and conversions. Our Deep Learning engine will identify the users that are most likely to re-enter the game and target them with tailored communications. Maximize the probability of conversion at a minimum feasible cost per action.

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Next Level Creatives

Customize your message and captivate your audience with personalized creatives developed by our in-house gaming ad design experts. Choose static, video, native, and wildcard banner formats that are continuously refreshing and rigorously tested. Protect your brand and your users from ad fatigue.

Gameplay Ads

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Case studies

Featured case studies

We understand gamers. Read about gaming apps that have gained extra lives with Deep Learning-powered campaigns.

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Successful Re-engagement of Lapsed Hunt Royale Users

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