Sinsay Case study

Sinsay Gains Quality Site Traffic with Prospecting

Well-known fashion brand aims to add more online site visits to the mix.

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Above CTR goal


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About the client

Sinsay, a part of the LPP Group, is a fashion store that sets trends on the global market at attractive prices. The wide variety of in-store styles means Sinsay lovers can shop for any occasion and express themselves in different ways. Quality at an affordable price traditionally attracts women and teenagers to the store time and again, while Sinsay also enjoys a growing market share in casual urban clothing for men, interior design products, and cosmetics.

What they say about us

“The campaign outperformed our goals for both reach and engagement, but we were also thrilled to gain over 130 completely new customers. Given the scale of the campaign, this was a significant win for the business, as every new customer to Sinsay has the potential to become a valuable repeat buyer after experiencing our products and service.”

Magdalena Majewska

Programmatic & Display Team Leader, E-commerce Sinsay


The challenge

Sinsay wanted to bring additional traffic to its website and engage relevant users who might then also become active customers.

The store set ambitious reach and click-through rate (CTR) targets, which would be markers for the success of the campaign. RTB House has had fruitful cooperation with Sinsay since 2016, but the challenges for this new campaign were significant.

We were asked to hit these targets and engage Sinsay customers during the ultra-competitive Q4 period, when there is fierce competition around major shopping events and advertising inventory costs are at a premium.


The solution

The RTB House team designed a solution that would increase the scale of campaigns while maintaining relevance. It wasn’t enough to just add reach, we needed to help Sinsay connect with people that could become active site users and, eventually, loyal customers.

We chose to use our Prospecting product, which was an ideal fit for Sinsay’s needs. Prospecting identifies high-quality potential customers and then engages those individuals by displaying attention-grabbing banner content. The overall aim was to increase Sinsay’s reach and to grow its active user base.

Prospecting campaigns from RTB House utilize Deep Learning-powered algorithms and our proprietary ContextAI feature to recognize user intent and create more compelling ads. Once up and running, the campaign was then constantly optimized on the basis of real-time performance. This allowed us to meet and then exceed the client’s expectations.


The result

The campaign generated very good results from the beginning but still improved over time thanks to constant, automated optimization. Within 2 months, the Sinsay ads reached 1.6 M users, which was an impressive 64% above the initial goal. The click-through rate was also 34% above expectations, hitting 0.67% compared to the 0.5% goal.

However, the most important result for Sinsay was that the RTB House campaign brought in 138 completely new customers from a group that had never visited the site before. Even in the challenging period of Black Friday and the Holiday season, we were able to activate customers who did not regularly buy from Sinsay, as well as a totally fresh group of users. The high engagement during peak periods is proof that the campaign reach could be easily scaled while still making highly effective use of the budget.


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