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A smarter dress code for fashion campaigns

The dynamic and highly competitive online fashion market demands that users are targeted with advertising that speaks to who they are as individuals. Our Deep Learning‑powered recommendation engine serves smarter ads that are as personal as each of your customers is unique.

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At RTB House, our teams are built around industries, with dedicated experts who mix tested solutions with innovations in specific verticals. With the help of Deep Learning, we get straight to the heart of the matter, so that your ad campaigns can capture the hearts of customers.


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Deep Learning
provides a smarter fit

Up to 40% of all purchases in the fashion industry are impulse buys. In this context reaching a user at exactly the right time, with the right-fitting ad, becomes critical.

As consumer tastes change, this season’s hot collections can quickly cool down to become backfill. Driving efficiencies during promotional periods in tandem with cross-selling the previous season’s surplus is a must. The sharper, more precise capabilities of our proprietary Deep Learning algorithms can help you achieve this.


Deep Learning in fashion. Rising to your challenge

Smart Shopping

Deep Learning algorithms save shopping time by suggesting items with the best chance of purchase by analyzing patterns of human behavior in real time.

Enhanced promo periods

Raise the temperature of your hot promo periods with more accurately targeted ads. Move backfill stock with more effective cross-selling recommendations.

Boost Loyalty

Convert first-time buyers into loyal customers with brand-reinforcing ads that lift shopping frequency and AOV.


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There’s massive importance placed on "look and feel" in fashion so our best-in-class ads, specifically designed for a range of purposes, are calibrated to catch the eye of the individual you’re targeting while fully adhering to your brandbook.


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