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Retail: Home & Garden

Redecorate your Home & Garden campaigns

Our homes and gardens undergo constant improvement. Year after year we add elements that make a difference and make us even more happy. Running ad campaigns with us, that are underpinned by our Deep Learning algorithms, is the same—it isn’t your revolution, it’s your evolution. Redecorate!

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Delivering results for Home & Garden brands worldwide

At RTB House, our teams are built around industries, with dedicated experts who mix tested solutions with innovations in specific verticals. With the help of Deep Learning, we get straight to the heart of the matter, so that your ad campaigns can capture the hearts of customers.


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Personalized Retargeting
helps you thrive

First identifying which online users fit into the “Diligent,” “Spontaneous,” and “Heavy” buyer personas allows you to reach people with personalized ads that match the best in-store Home & Garden experiences.

Our proprietary Deep Learning algorithms will reequip you with much more precise recommendations to revitalize your retargeting, and brand, across all buying personas, channels, and devices.


Deep Learning in Home & Garden. Rising to your challenge

Re-energize retargeting ad campaigns

Re-engage users with hyper-personalized ads that speak to their unique needs. Turn your huge product range into a personalization superpower, increasing order frequency and revenue.

Rev up your brand across all channels

All platforms are important and this demands that communication be relayed consistently across all channels. Revamp your ROPO. Powerfully convey a crystal clear brand while increasing customer loyalty.

Reemphasize your promo periods and drive revenue

Boost the results of your promotional activities through more targeted and granular sub-campaigns for different seasons, sales, and product lines.

Recommend the most relevant products

Increase AOV and customer satisfaction with more relevant product recommendations.

Thrive by driving results and revenue

Speak directly to your expert audience with messaging precisely aligned to their needs. Link product recommendations with pro services in your ads. Increase your Pro Tier memberships and long-term brand loyalty.


Find out what’s relevant
for your industry

Calibrated to catch the eye of the individual you’re targeting no matter at what stage they are in the funnel, our great-looking ads, perfectly aligned to your brandbook, are proven to bring improved campaign metrics.


Inspiration from specific industries

Check out active RTB House ad campaigns that are super-charging results for businesses around the world.

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Take a deeper dive

We believe in the Open Internet and in sharing knowledge. Check out our industry reports and content that can empower your online and offline business.

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