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Recent years have seen a surge in growth for Marketplaces.They are now reaping over half of all online purchases. But a bigger sector can mean bigger challenges. Growing choice has brought waning consumer loyalty and a fiercer fight to turn eyes. Our hyper-personalized campaigns, powered by Deep Learning, can provide you with a winning edge.

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At RTB House, our teams are built around industries, with dedicated experts who mix tested solutions with innovations in specific verticals. With the help of Deep Learning, we get straight to the heart of the matter, so that your ad campaigns can capture the hearts of customers.


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All industries have different challenges but they all have one thing in common: competition, and, presently, there’s a no more hotly contested sector than Marketplaces. But, gaining visibility from ad campaigns shouldn’t mean burning through budget.The best online businesses look at the return on ad spend, and effectiveness is the key metric.

At RTB House, our proprietary Deep Learning algorithms bring the most powerful analytics and targeting technology into your campaigns, so you can spend less money connecting with more high-quality prospects.


Deep Learning in marketplaces. Rising to your challenge

Drive conversions with hyper-personalization

Convert users wherever they’re browsing with ultra-personalized ads powered by our powerful self-learning algorithms.

Increase loyalty

More effectively promote loyalty-tier membership to increase AOV and purchase frequency. Spotlight loyalty drivers, such as customer service and satisfaction rates.

Boost sales in selected product categories

Run tailored campaigns focussed on driving results in specific product categories, e.g., Beauty or Electronics


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