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Most of us like to shop around for the best deal, and price comparison sites can be a great resource. But when looking for an ad partner, there is no comparison… Hyper-personalized ads powered by Deep Learning technology from RTB House give you the edge. We help price comparison sites identify users who have real purchase intent and then move them toward fast conversions.

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At RTB House, our teams are built around industries, with dedicated experts who mix tested solutions with innovations in specific verticals. With the help of Deep Learning, we get straight to the heart of the matter, so that your ad campaigns can capture the hearts of customers.

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All industries have different challenges but they all have one thing in common: fierce competition, and the price comparison arena is no different. But, gaining visibility from ad campaigns shouldn’t mean burning through budget.The best online businesses look at the return on ad spend, and effectiveness is the key metric.

Our Deep Learning algorithms understand context in real-time and identify the most potent offers for every client, picking the price point and decision-triggers that give you more quality site visits at a lower price. We invite you to test us and see for yourself.


Deep Learning for price comparison sites. Rising to your challenge

Boost your KPIs with hyper-personalization

Increase ROAS, CPS, CPA, and % of conversion within the same ad budget with self-learning algorithms that serve ultra-personalized ads.

Gain unprecedented flexibility

Enjoy more control by measuring seasonality with the individual preferences of users across devices and in an in-app context. Scale campaigns with deeper client integration.

Increase traffic volume with multiple retargeting

Lift traffic volume and your conversion rate without cannibalization, while maintaining a specified ROI. Cooperate with vendors in co-branded campaigns.


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Check out active RTB House ad campaigns that are super-charging results for businesses around the world.

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