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Trends in Spend. Building a More Seamless Customer Journey

Customer acquisition costs have increased. Marketers now need to think about where to invest and reallocate budgets. It’s a change but also an opportunity for those who are best prepared. Experts from across every type of online retail share where you should be investing right now.

20+ pages of industry trends for 2023, produced by WBR Insights and sponsored by RTB House. Based on responses from 100 Heads of E-Commerce from prime UK retailers.

In the guide:
  • How retailers plan to invest and which technologies are a priority
  • Tips for improving customer retention and enhancing post-purchase experiences
  • The role of data and insights to create a seamless and personalised customer journey
  • The future of data and personalisation, and staying privacy-compliant in the changing world
  • Where marketers are investing in AI, apps, and mobile technology for personalisation, data, and payment strategies

Investing in the right places

We share all the stats on where the UK’s biggest retailers are investing to optimise budget right now.


investing in getting a more data-driven view of their customers


spending on personalised advertising to increase loyalty


increasing spend on AI to identify customer behaviour patterns in upcoming sales events

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Although the industry has been looking to personalisation for some time, I think it has now become a key topic to tackle to win customers and drive retention [...] Personalisation is key to supporting the frequency of purchases and brand loyalty. It helps stand out from the crowd and supports improved customer satisfaction.

Emilie Mouquot

VP of Marketing, Not On The High Street

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At the initial acquisition point, the goal for any retailer is to have the customer try your products and really get behind them. You want customers to keep coming back because they believe in your brand. They are not just repeat customers but brand ambassadors on your behalf.

Holly Steele

Head of Technology, Sweaty Betty

Personalisation and AI are massive opportunities for brands. Over half of the companies surveyed say it’s already driving major sales impacts [...] Today, marketers can target precise product recommendations at specific moments by using personalised messaging and creatives, regardless of where that user is in their infinite journey.

Andrew Howe

VP of Operations UK, RTB House

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