After running a successful retargeting campaign based on Deep Learning algorithms,
RTB House encouraged Honda to embark upon AI Full Funnel Marketing Solutions.
Honda had recently introduced two versions of the new Jazz model to the market,
and AI full funnel marketing can help marketers leverage real-time insights
into marketing campaigns for multi-touch attributions.


exceeded KPI goals


awareness to users previously not engaged with Honda


viewability on raising awareness campaign


increase in user engagement

Honda Poland is a part of the Honda Motor Company, a global brand leader in car manufacturing and innovation in the automotive space. As a top brand worldwide, Honda continuously seeks new ways to optimize brand recall, challenging themselves to innovate, collaborate, and improve.


Honda competes with other top car manufacturers to stay top of mind. Increasing user engagement and the quality of user experience meant running a highly personalized campaign with distinctive creatives that help the brand’s identity stand out.

Campaign goals:
● Promote the new Honda Jazz Hybrid and Jazz Crosstar models
● Reach new audiences and inspire users to get engaged with the Honda brand
● Ensure consistent and catchy communication with effective budget spend


RTB House proposed an AI-powered, full funnel campaign focused on identifying consumers at different stages and displaying diverse and relevant ads. For less engaged users, soft Streaming Video Ads were displayed.

In order to drive engagement, users saw catchy display creatives such as video banners and interactive zipper banners comparing two Jazz models with various products. To further drive engagement, users were able to vote through attractive Social Banners for Jazz colors, which resulted in more engagement overall.

This allowed Honda to benefit from Deep Learning-based technology to communicate with their audiences in the right way, while minimizing any negative effects of sales-focused messages that might seem too pushy, or too soft.

With RTB House’s full funnel solution, users can be targeted in real-time depending on their position in the funnel. RTB House was able to offer personalized creatives that targeted users whether they were in the awareness, consideration, or conversion stage. By using first-party data to identify look-a-like audiences, the awareness campaign impression was precisely targeted according to each user’s behavior.


The AI full funnel retargeting campaign exceeded agreed upon KPIs by 300%. The number of users moved to the consideration stage was 95% of initially agreed total reach. Out of those, 30% followed the next steps on Honda’s site.

Identifying a user’s position in the funnel resulted in 3x higher user engagement than Honda’s previous retargeting efforts without AI full funnel marketing. By delivering targeted messages and using the right creatives and medium for reach, goals were easier to obtain with the same ad budget.

With the addition of ContextAI, Honda was able to ensure that ad campaigns reached the most effective websites by analyzing millions of potential placements and making final selections according to relevant categories. When selecting placements for car models, ContextAI maximized the effectiveness of the impression on selected users and efficiently improved reach.

Very high ranges were achieved thanks to precise targeting. In most cases, only one video advertisement was required to attract a new user and drive further engagement. In total, users watched Honda’s video content for a combined timespan of 223 days. Effective spending of the video budget was a foundation for engagement focused on consideration campaigns.

With in-depth knowledge, understanding of user funnel position, and real-time automated management, RTB House helped Honda achieve strong results with high efficiency while building durable brand awareness and deeper connections with customers at every stage of the consumer’s path-to-purchase.

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