RTB House used innovative Display and Video banners to showcase what makes the Renault brand so unique. We reached different audiences with relevant ads for the right models from our range, adding a level of personalization to online ads

Ricardo Nobre

Digital Manager Groupe Renault Portugal




Video Completion Rate

The Renault Group is a French multinational vehicle manufacturer
established in 1899. Renault is responsible for producing iconic vehicles like the Renault 5 and Renault Caravelle, as well as modern hits like the Renault Clio. The brand is now a pioneer of the circular economy and is building electric mobility that drives society forward.
OMD Worldwide is a media communications agency that acts as the media specialist brand for the Omnicom Group. OMD uses data signals at scale to rapidly respond to changing markets and to help their clients get the most out of their advertising budget.


The automobile industry landscape has become increasingly competitive, and a shift online created an opportunity for brands like Renault to reach new customers. OMD Worldwide created a plan for an ambitious awareness campaign to reach a wider range of new users who might be interested in Renault vehicles. The goal of the campaign was to encourage users to view the new product ads, with a secondary goal to encourage site visits. This would involve using complex datasets to identify high-potential users, and high-quality creatives to help convert potential customers. To help successfully execute the campaign, OMD turned to RTB House


RTB House and OMD ran two campaigns:
• A Renault Captur campaign targeting consumer audiences
• A Renault Kangoo campaign targeting businesses

RTB House utilized a combination of Display and Video ads, using only pre-roll in-stream placements in order to optimize ad spend.

These creatives were delivered using two tools:
• Contextual targeting, powered by ContextAI, focused on websites
with auto-related content
• Cooperation with external partners helped us reach third-party
audiences of small to medium business owners and fleet managers
for the Kangoo campaign


Both campaigns proved to be a success and RTB House was able to achieve results above and beyond all the client’s expectations. Clever targeting allowed RTB House to achieve 87.67% ad viewability, far exceeding the campaign goal. This targeting, when combined with compelling dynamic creatives, resulted in a Video Completion Rate (VCR) of 74.05%

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