Advanced AI that is
two steps ahead

Ad campaigns from RTB House are run with the latest generation of Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning gives you exponentially more power and puts you ahead of the competition.

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All in on Deep Learning.
Ahead of the competition

In 2017, RTB House became the first major DSP to utilize Deep Learning algorithms across 100% of its technology—instantly giving our clients a competitive advantage and helping them optimize their budgets.

Artificial Intelligence

Computer systems which can interpret context from data and make basic decisions

Machine Learning

A more advanced form of AI, which can learn from repeated patterns and improve over time, though still requires human programming to develop

Deep Learning

The most advanced form of AI technology. A fully self-improving system with extreme power which can leverage even unstructured and complex data

Powerful applications
of Deep Learning


Identifying and mapping all the stars in the known universe


Creating self-driving vehicles of the future


Mapping the connections in the human brain


...and powering programmatic ad campaigns run by RTB House

This is how much power you get when running campaigns with RTB House. While other companies are using AI or ML technology, we power your ad campaigns with the same technology that is used on some of the biggest data projects of our age.


our campaigns became 29% more effective immediately after introducing DL in 2017

2.5K times

Deep Learning algorithms can complete 2,500 times more simultaneous calculations than Machine Learning systems


RTB House was the first major DSP to implement Deep Learning across its entire solution stack

Precise customer segmentation

Set your KPIs and get a head start on your campaign by using smart segmentation that allows you to cluster users into groups and yet still treat them as individuals.


Domestic flyers v long-distance travelers


Renters v buyers


Loyal customers v new site visitors

Transparent reporting
& 24/7 monitoring

Access all campaigns stats, in real time, with round-the-clock access to the performance dashboard. Put your trust in our reporting and monitoring capabilities thanks to our TAG certification and partnerships with Oracle MOAT, IAS and other industry-leading organizations. Check the facts down to fractions of a percent with total confidence.

3-tier Brand Safety features

Only display in sites and contexts that will elevate your brand. Filter based on domain, URL, and site keywords, tailoring our solution to protect your brand as you see fit. It’s not just about safety but also about the suitability of sites to your specific messaging.

Our proprietary 3-tier Brand Safety feature as a standard:

  • Website Category Filter—Excludes content categories that are not in line with your brand standards
  • News Filter—Automatically blocks news content with selected keywords and phrases
  • Inclusive List—Blocks specific websites where placing ads may harm your brand

Reach across all devices and platforms

Target shoppers wherever they prefer to browse and buy. Run effective campaigns on any device and any ad exchange. Make the most of your campaign, displaying any inventory type on any screen or device. Serving your ads to customers, around the globe, wherever they want to meet you.


Innovations from the RTB House
AI Marketing Lab & Creatives Lab

With an eye on the future, we design and build new formats inspired by modern social media interactions, creating ad content that users actually want to engage with again and again.

Search Banners

Travelers, auto buyers, or house buyers can input parameters like date and destination, model
and mileage, or location and size, and then redirect to specific offers on your site.

Case studies

Featured case studies

Performance and branding campaigns that have empowered businesses just like yours.

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