Technology Changes Everything!

Extraordinary technology is our key differentiator

The RTB House engine, one of its kind powered by deep learning algorithms, identifies potential buyers and boosts performance via 1:1 ultra-personalized retargeting up to 50 percent more efficient than standard machine learning AI-based approaches.

8th fastest-growing company
in tech sector in Europe

2018 The AIconics Award
in Best Application of AI for Sales & Marketing

2018 Big Innovation award
for the Deep Learning Technology

Designed to Fit the Largest Brands

Trusted by 1,200+ companies

Our technology has been designed to fit complex digital strategies of the biggest e-commerce companies and play a substantial role in driving our clients’ online success. More than 1,200 brands worldwide use it to run highly personalized display, DPA and In-App campaigns that meet their sophisticated business goals and fulfill their existing marketing strategies.

Features that Set Us Apart from the Competitors

Our clients benefit from variety of customization options

We know that e-commerce companies need solutions that make advertising on a personal level possible. With our customizable technology marketers can have a segment-of-one approach by using:
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Ultra-Flexibility that Meets Your Goals

Made to fit your business

We always place flexibility on the top. We can personalize our solution to fit any industry and business goals, and ensure ultra-flexibility in customizing a campaign that matches our client’s business specificity.

Outstanding Ads

Best-in-class. Perfectly matched

With a dedicated graphics team on board, we are able to create, for each and every client, creatives consistent with the brand books that deliver best-in-class visibility and delight their customers. Putting deep learning algorithms into play, RTB House takes ad personalization a step further and displays only ultra-targeted creatives.

Excellent Local Support

Support from specialists familiar with your region, culture and consumer base

Each of our clients gets dedicated, local customer service & 24/7 tech support. Your campaigns are managed, monitored and optimized by online professionals to ensure consistent performance delivery and goals accomplishment.