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We are looking for experienced Developers to help build and expand our RTB platform.  

Your tasks:

  • Design and programming of a wide range of modules and components as part of a system that supports over 5 million queries per second with a latency below 50 ms
  • Optimization of the developed software in terms of response time and resource consumption
  • Ensuring the reliability and scalability of the solutions built
  • Creating performance and correctness tests for new system components
  • Analysis of new technologies in terms of their applicability in production conditions
  • Development of tools for monitoring and analysing the operation of the production system
  • Continuous optimization of existing tools and processes

Selected technologies used:

  • Java, Python
  • Aerospike, Memcached
  • HaProxy, Nginx
  • Jenkins, Graphite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic Search
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Google Cloud

Our expectations:

  • Proficiency in programming
  • Excellent understanding of how complex IT systems work (from the hardware level, through software, to algorithmics)
  • Very good knowledge of fundamental Internet protocols and technologies (DNS, HTTP, cookies and others)
  • Good knowledge of basic methods of creating concurrent programs and distributed systems (from thread level to continent level)
  • Practical ability to observe, monitor and analyse the operation of production systems (and draw valuable conclusions from it)
  • The ability to critically analyze the solutions created in terms of performance (from estimating the theoretical performance of the designed systems to detecting and removing actual performance problems in production)
  • General knowledge of issues (typical problems and methods of solving them) in the areas of 'high scalability' and 'high availability'
  • Readiness to work in the DevOps model

We offer:

  • Attractive salary
  • Work in a team of enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge and experience
  • Extremely flexible cooperation conditions - we do not have core hours, we do not have holiday limits, you can work fully remotely
  • Access to the latest technologies and the possibility of real use of them in a large-scale and highly dynamic project

Do you have questions about the project, team, work style? Visit our tech blog: