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Starcom Case study

10% Cut in CPCV for Major Cosmetic Brand Through Deep Learning

The results of our campaigns for cosmetics and beauty brands are not just skin deep.

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About the client

RTB House worked with world-renowned media communications agency, Starcom to harness the power of media, technology, and data to create experiences people love and actions brands need. With more than 7,000 employees worldwide, the agency partners with the world's leading marketers and new establishment brands.

What they say about us

“The level of customer care and commitment shown by the RTB House team has been outstanding. They delivered a campaign that exceeded our expectations and were a pleasure to work with throughout this process. We were particularly happy with the CPCV metric, which ensured we maximized the campaign’s cost efficiency.”

Paweł Wołczyk

Senior Communications Planner, Starcom


The challenge

One of the world’s most recognizable cosmetic brands wanted to increase brand awareness and reach their ambitious marketing goals. The brand is best known for its advertising campaigns that challenge stereotypes and celebrate a modern vision of femininity. The client’s campaign requirements included strict brand safety guidelines, ambitious cost goals, and, of course, gorgeous creatives. To build a successful campaign in a competitive field like the beauty industry, RTB House had to achieve high reach, engagement, and visibility.


The solution

To meet this challenge, RTB House worked closely with the client team and Starcom to build a solid media plan and the first batch of creatives. This included building a detailed understanding of the target customer base. While launching the awareness video campaign, RTB House integrated its Deep Learning-powered ad buying engine with a new billing model—cost per completed view (CPCV)—to maximize engagement while minimizing cost. CPCV is a particularly interesting billing model as it ensured that the client only paid for fully engaged views, and therefore got the most out of their campaign.


The result

RTB House implemented branding campaigns with a novel approach that exceeded expectations. While planning the campaigns, RTB House worked with the client to set market benchmarks for viewability and cost. The video and display campaigns achieved much higher results than the original benchmarks, despite challenging setup and a rigorous brand safety policy from the client.

Across the campaigns, RTB House reached 3.14 million unique users and reduced CPCV by 10%.

In the video campaigns, the ads reached an impressive 84% viewability—4.25% above the 80% goal that was set. Video completion rates also rose to 66% for 15-second videos.

As for the display ads, the campaign achieved 88.2% viewability—35.7% higher than the initial 65% goal for the campaign.


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