ALL BEAUTY Case study

Allbeauty Boosts Number of Conversions by 45% While Scaling up Retargeting

UK beauty retailer makes the most of a sudden spike in online users.

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About the client

Allbeauty is a leading online beauty and fragrance specialist. The company offers a wide range of brands and products, from best-sellers to artisan goods, at great prices. This is backed up by great customer service, which is reflected in a score of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot with over 316,000 reviews.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in the platform began to grow. To capitalize on this, the company turned to RTB House to formulate a large-scale retargeting campaign.

What they say about us

“Adding RTB House as a retargeting provider was a beneficial move. Their team helped us convert new visitors into buyers thanks to their Deep Learning algorithms. We are also able to satisfy our partners and ensure that allbeauty is a premium sales platform for their products. It’s a win-win and fits in with our overall business strategy.”

Marco Criscuolo

Director of Customer Acquisition, Allbeauty


The challenge

Allbeauty presented its retargeting partners with two challenges in order to make the most of the spike in interest. The first was to scale up campaigns for all product lines and increase conversions; the second was to run sub-campaigns for specific supply partners in order to elevate their products for set periods of time and strengthen relationships between and its key strategic partners.

While other retargeting partners were also able to look at simply increasing scale, allbeauty found that the Deep Learning-powered technology offered by RTB House was the one that most effectively allowed them to achieve greater volume while still promoting very specific products to targeted users in their sub-campaigns.


The solution

The RTB House team worked closely with to understand which goals and metrics were most important before crafting a campaign that covered both an all-categories audience and potential buyers of products from promoted suppliers.

Our market-leading Deep Learning programmatic ad campaigns analyze user behavior and intent. The algorithm was able to decide if users were most likely to interact with general creatives or those from specific brands, which were introduced in January 2021 to drive incremental conversions for key supply partners.

The RTB House team monitored the campaign and adjusted the algorithm to maintain a stable Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) while scaling up the campaign.


The result

The overall results of the campaign were hugely positive for both allbeauty and RTB House:

  • Campaigns constantly maintained an agreed CPS rate
  • Year-on-year revenue from campaigns increased by 65%
  • The number of conversions rose by 45%
  • RTB House became a key retargeting partner as more than doubled its campaign spend with us from October 2020 to July 2021

RTB House also proved that campaigns could be used to increase sales for specific suppliers and as a strategic tool for strengthening partnerships. Between January and July 2021, sub-campaigns focusing on single suppliers delivered over 2,000 unique conversions for allbeauty partners. Allbeauty continued the initiative into the second half of 2021, using monthly campaigns to elevate different suppliers.


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