Case StudiesAkakçe Case study

Akakçe Case study

Akakçe Leverage Retargeting to Increase CR by 44%

Price comparison platform implements a tailored targeting strategy

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About the client

Akakçe is a shopping platform that provides categorized products and real-time pricing information from a variety of online retail stores, offering an unbiased comparison mechanism. When it was founded in METU Technopolis, Akakçe operated as a reference center for the rapidly growing e-commerce sector in Turkey with a wide range of products.

Akakçe partners with the Japanese Beenos group to provide consumers with a wide range of products. Its rapidly growing expert team and wide dealer network constantly encourage technological developments in the sector.

GrowthPack is a consultancy company founded in 2021 that offers a boutique service experience to a limited number of brands. Among the services it offers are PPC channels, management, corporate-specific digital marketing training, and auditing.

What they say about us

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"Akakçe aims to provide Turkish shoppers with state-of-the-art experience utilizing its proprietary technologies and continuous innovation. In this case, RTB House delivered at scale and re-engaged the right target consumers through refreshing, highly designed creatives to help us to reach our goals and maintain our promise. So, our return on ad spend is extremely positive and we are maintaining a strong brand image in Turkey by making deeper connections with potential buyers."

Berk Çakar

Marketing Manager, Akakçe

"By helping us to reach our ROAS goal over 100% and providing us high-quality traffic, RTB House is an important partner for our clients’ marketing strategy. And with their flexible and proactive approach, we were able to set up a new campaign with customized banners."

Aykut Alçelik

GrowthPack Co-Founder


The challenge

Akakçe has been working with RTB House on retargeting campaigns since 2017. Akakçe’s main challenge was to increase traffic from retargeting and hit strict ROAS targets in an extremely competitive market that relies heavily on trust, user experience, and reliability.


The solution

RTB House created a campaign setup based on devices, targeting, and optimization.

Products listed on Akakçe were segmented and targeted according to their price ranges, with a campaign structure set separately for mobile and desktop devices. In addition to this, RTB House switched to a targeting strategy that would fit with ROAS aims with an updated code integration to obtain a better conversion value.

Click-through rate (CTR) was also considered an important aspect of RTB House’s tailored strategy with prepared custom creatives that contributed to Akakçe’s overall goal.


The result

The performance and benefits of the campaign could be analyzed from the results of the first 5 months of 2022. The new campaign structure which leveraged Deep Learning algorithms, along with tailored creatives by RTB House, yielded impressive results which included 148% more traffic, a 44% increase in conversion rates (CR), and exceeded expectations in regards to ROAS.


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