Castlery Case study

Castlery Drives New Customers in the U.S. and Singapore with Prospecting

Castlery is a technology-led furniture store that aims to make luxury living accessible to all urban millennials.

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conversion uplift in the U.S.


conversion uplift in Singapore


About the client

Headquartered in Singapore, they are committed to using material that meets the highest standards, with quality craftsmanship, and excellent durability. Their furniture covers a wide range of personal styles and is designed, and made, to last.

What they say about us

"RTB House has already proved the value of their online advertising solutions to us through their Retargeting campaigns. It turned out to be no different with their Prospecting campaigns. They helped re-engage with lapsed users and uncover entirely new buyers, to great effect."

Heng Ching Ying

Performance Manager, Castlery


The challenge

Castlery first reached out to RTB House to improve the efficiency of their retargeting campaigns back in 2018. The partnership has resulted in 4 years of successful cooperation, during which the scale of retargeting campaigns has steadily increased. Castlery decided to extend its cooperation by trusting RTB House with a Prospecting campaign. In this type of campaign the focus is on driving purchases from new customers, and Castlery challenged RTB House to prove its effectiveness in this area and deliver value.


The solution

Within the first month of the campaign, RTB House’s Deep Learning-Powered ad solutions (exponentially more flexible and efficient than those of Machine Learning) and industry expertise helped Castlery achieve a over 4.5x uplift in conversions in the U.S. and a 7x uplift in Singapore. These results were thanks to carefully calibrating the campaign’s goal to a precisely targeted audience and working in a luxury market environment. As Castlery is an upscale furniture brand with high average order value, it benefits from new customer acquisitions even if it requires additional investments to re-engage lapsed users.


The result

Working closely with Castlery, RTB House designed a Prospecting solution to drive conversions from users who had never bought before with cost per action goals. In addition to new users, the campaigns also targeted lapsed visitors and shoppers, so often an overlooked, untapped source of value for brands. This pool of users would eventually be re-engaged, convinced to make their first purchase and later nurtured by the retargeting campaign, ensuring scalability.


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