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DBA Classifieds Elevates Awareness with New Branding Campaign

Leading classifieds platform revolutionizes reach by launching a comprehensive branding campaign.

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About the client

Starting out as a newspaper in 1981, DBA, a Denmark-based classifieds business, now reaches over a million monthly users through an online platform with over 350,000 monthly ads across 35 sections, selling anything from vehicles to clothing and cosmetic products to toys.

Operating under the Schibsted Group, DBA has solidified its position as the country's number one peer-to-peer sales platform. It is dedicated to fostering a vibrant online community and encourages interaction, accountability, and transparency among buyers and sellers through a reviews and rating system. This collaborative approach has contributed to DBA becoming a trusted and highly successful platform.

What they say about us

"We were thrilled by the exceptional results of our branding campaign with RTB House. Their innovative approach and precise targeting strategies elevated our brand awareness and captured the attention of our desired audience. The partnership exceeded our expectations, and we're excited to continue collaborating exclusively for our upcoming campaigns."

Majken Gamon

Senior Performance Marketing Manager, DBA


The challenge

The client's challenge was to launch a major branding campaign and enhance how people perceive their brand. Despite already being well-known, they wanted to expand their reach and connect with their core audiences, encouraging them to post listings while ensuring that DBA stayed the top choice in their industry. They needed to enhance brand affinity and awareness, particularly among users who had not engaged much with their classifieds before.

Having relied on retargeting campaigns for years, DBA sought the RTB House team's expertise to venture into impactful branding efforts. They joined forces with RTB House and decided to explore branding opportunities to engage a wider audience.


The solution

In July 2022, DBA launched a comprehensive branding campaign with RTB House. The campaign lasted two months and was one of the biggest campaigns the client ever ran. It targeted new users and those minimally engaged with DBA's site, leveraging precise user targeting and contextual placements. RTB House employed a mix of video banners, 15-second and 30-second video streaming ads, and static banners, creatively adapting DBA's assets to ensure engagement across various contexts.


The result

The branding campaign surpassed expectations and outperformed simultaneous efforts by other vendors. Witnessing an upswing in brand interest and significant engagement with the campaign's long-form videos, DBA decided to exclusively partner with RTB House for their subsequent branding campaign.

Notably, the campaign boasted an exceptional 83% viewability rate for videos and 80% for static banners, surpassing industry standards by 13%. Moreover, a substantial 60% higher view-through rate (VTR) compared to other vendors was achieved for long-format ads.

The campaign’s success led to a closer collaboration between the companies, with DBA deciding to continue its partnership with RTB House on a follow-up branding campaign later that year.


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