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Matching Buyers & Sellers On Mobile and Desktop via Personalized Retargeting

Global classifieds platform increases click-through rate with RTB House.

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About the client

OLX is a global classifieds platform with almost 260 million users and over 19 billion page views per month. In Romania, OLX.ro is the biggest classifieds platform according to user choice.

What they say about us

“The good results delivered by RTB House proved that we chose the right retargeter. The functionalities of the platform and their performance-oriented approach helped us to reach our goals and to deliver high-quality content to the users.”

Razvan Acsente

Europe CLM Group Expert Lead, OLX


The challenge

The challenge was to increase the number of messages exchanged between online buyers and sellers as well as to split the advertising campaign into mobile and desktop channels.


The solution

RTB House recommended its personalized retargeting solution dedicated for well-established e-commerce players. The company prepared various retargeting scenarios adjusted to client-specific goals. This allowed highly tailored creatives to reach individual web users real-time, based on their unique product preferences and search history.

STEP 1: A user visited OLX.ro and checked for something interesting, but didn’t contact any seller to find out more details and left the website.

STEP 2: Then, RTB House displayed such user its unique personalized banner with OLX.ro products.

STEP 3: After clicking on the advertising banner, the user was redirected to the OLX.ro website, where he could contact the sellers.


The result

  • OLX’s banners were displayed almost 155 million times on desktop and over 41 million times on mobile devices depending on device type that was used to visit OLX’s site.

  • RTB House campaign reached client’s business goals. It generated over 1.7 million of clicks via desktop and over 550,000 clicks via mobile channels.


Inspiration from specific industries

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