Case StudiesWEMADE Case study

WEMADE Case study

Deep Learning Boosts Revenue and Outperforms Other DSPs

Medieval fantasy game uses ultra-modern technology to boost revenues.

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ROAS above monthly target


Lower re-engagement cost vs. goal

1 month

Re-engagement activation after game launch


About the client

Wemade, established in 2000, is one of South Korea’s premier game companies, currently exhibiting a strong presence in the global market. Their flagship title, ‘Night Crows,’ is an Unreal Engine 5 MMORPG developed in collaboration with the ‘MADNGINE’ developer. It ranks within the top 10 revenue-generating titles in Google Play. Set in a realistic medieval fantasy world, ‘Night Crows’ allows players to participate in large-scale battles, including field combat and aerial warfare.

What they say about us

"RTB House proved to be the most effective retargeting DSP, delivering excellent results during the game marketing collaboration with Wemade. Their ability to swiftly achieve goals through diverse segment configurations and optimal performance makes RTB House a crucial partner for retargeting campaigns."

Night Crows UA Marketer



The challenge

The campaign’s goal was to bring back valuable lapsed players, thereby growing game traffic and boosting profitability.

The first challenge was configuring the campaign setup and KPIs to reflect the client’s goals. Key success metrics for the campaign included cost per re-engagement (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS).

RTB House was also challenged to deliver strong results, bring back lapsed users only one month after the game’s official launch, and address the client’s targeting needs by focusing only on South Korean users.


The solution

Thanks to flexible bidder calibration capabilities, RTB House aimed to address these challenges through various segment configurations.

The eagerness of Wemade to test different audiences—combined with the Deep Learning engine—was the key to outperforming the campaign goals and becoming their top DSP. The audiences prepared by Wemade indicated the general segmentation directions. At the same time, the Deep Learning-powered technology was able to provide a unique evaluation of each impression and, based on these results, constantly adjust and improve performance.


The result

With the various approaches to user segmentations for each campaign, RTB House was able to over-achieve on the ROAS target faster than other retargeting DSPs in the Korean market throughout the campaign period. Due to its success and stable performance, the Wemade team decided to extend the campaign beyond their original plan. RTB House has become an indispensable retargeting partner for Wemade’s marketing activities and supports them in achieving continuous success.


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