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HONDA Case study

Honda Launches a New Model with Contextually Targeted Video Ads

Leading engine and car manufacturer stands out with high-impact video creatives.

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About the client

Honda is regarded as a highly recognized manufacturer of internal combustion engines, one of the leading providers of cars worldwide. Honda Motor Europe España focuses on the distribution of Honda cars in Spain, and offers after-sales services to a wide network of official dealers.


The challenge

IPG wanted to test a number of different video advertising technology solutions. This meant that RTB House would be working in competition with other marketing service providers, and would need to take every step to ensure that its solution stood out among the competition.

In technical terms, the solution would require RTB House to work several different video formats that could highlight unique qualities of the car tailored to individual users.

Additionally, IPG set ambitious goals for reach, viewability, and Video Completion Rate (VCR).


The solution

RTB House devised a solution that elegantly combined high-quality creatives with intelligent contextual segmentation. On the creative side, the team used 15 and 30-second streaming videos with a motion background, designed to highlight the new car model, and the features that made it stand out from the competition.

These advertisements were then contextually shown to users using RTB House’s Deep Learning technology. Contextual segmentation ensured that the content was shown in key market domains, while Brand Safety tools prevented the videos from appearing alongside potentially damaging content. Top categories included news, world localities, internet & telecom, and many others.


The result

The campaign was meant to last for just November, but thanks to the success of the RTB House solution, IGC engaged RTB House for two more months. Over the course of the campaign, the RTB House team observed a continuous, exponential improvement in results.

We achieved a viewability of our content at 80%, above the market benchmark for Spain such as 68.3% for video*, and a VCR of 74% in the final month of the campaign and 66% on average.

*source: Moat, Q4 2021, region: Spain


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