Case StudiesFalabella Case study

Falabella Case study

Leading South American Marketplace Diversifies After Rapid Growth adds new channels and segments to ad campaigns with stunning results.

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About the client is the largest omnichannel marketing network focused on fashion, technology, and home products in Latin America. The company, which can trace its roots back over 130 years, became a pioneer of ecommerce in 2000. It now has 108 stores in Chile, Peru, and Colombia, and a website that attracts 3 M daily visits. Falabella is one of the most innovative online retailers in the region, actively testing and experimenting with new strategies and formats to keep its online channel ahead of competitors.

What they say about us

"RTB House has been dedicated to providing us with exceptional performance metrics. We greatly appreciate that they take the time to understand our needs and align with our goals. Their advanced solutions provide the best recommendations and the technical expertise of the team supports the growth of our digital strategies."

Rafael Vela Niño

Digital Manager, Falabella Chile


The challenge

As a market leader that had just undergone a period of rapid growth, Falabella faced the challenge of expanding across several channels in a highly competitive market while maintaining the efficiency of ad campaigns. On becoming Falabella’s primary retargeting partner on the open web for the Chilean market, RTB House needed to deliver at volume without compromising results. This meant finding innovative ways to create a diverse strategy for the business.


The solution

RTB House has been working with Falabella since 2018, so we understand the needs of the business. Through brainstorming and constant consultation, we were able to build a campaign plan that aimed to diversify the channels through which ads were displayed, adding new customer segments and introducing app campaigns. We leveraged Deep Learning to optimize product recommendations, boost conversion value, and increase overall revenue, measured year on year. Dynamic campaign creatives were tailored to user preferences. This made the ads that individual users saw more relevant to their personal preferences and encouraged interaction.


The result

Our Deep Learning-powered campaigns were already making a significant contribution to the digital success of The new approaches that were introduced in additional campaigns allowed us to surpass the KPIs and goals from even those previous campaigns. Our web and app campaigns—run across Chile, Colombia, and Peru—focused primarily on optimizing ROAS, resulting in a 28% increase in ROAS efficiency. We also generated a 58% increase in conversions with a 45% surge in conversion value. Thanks to the effectiveness of these campaigns, RTB House evolved into Falabella’s exclusive strategic partner, expanding its role beyond retargeting to collaborate with the client on developing awareness and prospecting strategies.


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