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Personalization Drives Inquiries for Real Estate Portal

Video Ads Boost Debenhams Brand for Crucial Valentine’s Day Sales Period

10% Cut in CPCV for Major Cosmetic Brand Through Deep Learning

HOT SALE Relies on Flexibility and Responsiveness for Success

Sleek, Safe, and High-performance Branding Ads for Mercedes-Benz

Increasing Sales Volume in 6 APAC markets

Audi SF Leverages OTT with QR Codes for Brand Awareness

Tok&Stok's Recipe for Success Now in Online Campaigns

Castlery Drives New Customers in the U.S. and Singapore with Prospecting

Dynamic Video Ads Help Tazz Customers Find Local Dining Gems

Better Outcomes Driven by Multiple Retargeting Strategies

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"RTB House delivered an excellent campaign driving awareness and purchase consideration across our target audience with CTV and OTT across premium networks. Not only did we see measurable traffic from QR code scans and clicks, but our CPV rate was more efficient than what we have seen across other solutions such as Facebook and YouTube."

Andy Hansen

CEO, Royal Auto Group

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“RTB House can even deliver strong results in a competitive industry such as high-end fashion, in a cost-efficient way, and guarantee our business goals with last-click Google Analytics attribution.”

William Sillemann

Head of Digital Marketing, Emerging Markets at Miinto

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"We aimed to create a brand awareness approach in a more personalized way and maximize visibility accordingly. Instead of standard video platforms and campaign structures, we made the consumer journey more excited by achieving to reach and engage with the right audiences in every stage of the marketing funnel by using RTB House’s personalized Streaming Video Ads which are driven by Deep Learning algorithms."

Gökhan Tüz

Digital Marketing Manager, MooF

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