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Push the button. As customers research every purchase online in a crowded competitive marketplace, we help you create ads that stand out and meet your ambitious short and long-term business goals.

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At RTB House, our teams are built around industries, with dedicated experts who mix tested solutions with innovations in specific verticals. With the help of Deep Learning, we get straight to the heart of the matter, so that your ad campaigns can capture the hearts of customers.


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Deep Learning.
The next-generation engine for ad campaigns

Electronics producers and retailers know that superior technology makes all the difference. The next generation of a product needs to work faster, with improved functionalities. Deep Learning algorithms are that evolution for online ad campaigns, allowing electronics brands to target relevant users, display hyper-personalized content, and make better product recommendations. Superior technology triggers faster purchase decisions.


Deep Learning in electronics. Rising to your challenge

On target

Calibrate campaigns to meet your expectations, without compromise. Target customer segments and categories with specific content that drives conversion.

Ready for promotions

Plan ahead for major shopping events, or create promotions on the fly. Sub-campaigns for special offers allow you to better serve customers while ramping up revenue in real time.

On brand

Electronics are not just about the functionality, the look and feel. Online ads should be perfectly packaged and highly designed. Our eye-catching banners stand out from the competition.

Anytime, anywhere conversion

Mix digital and analog shopping experiences. No matter how people research or make final purchases, your offers are front of mind.


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Just like electronics goods, online ads should be perfectly packaged and highly designed. Eye-catching banners stand out from the competition.


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Check out active RTB House ad campaigns that are super-charging results for businesses around the world.

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We believe in the Open Internet and in sharing knowledge. Check out our industry reports and content that can empower your online and offline business.

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