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Queue For… Black Friday & Holiday Season Report

Q4 has been embraced by consumers as one long festival of online and in-store shopping, with deals to be found at every turn. As customers get in line, retailers need to strategize and create robust and effective communications to make the most of this exceptional time. This guide is your manual for building that strategy. It looks at changing customer behaviors, opportunities for business, and the value of personalized retargeting ad campaigns.

In the guide:
  • An overview of evolving customer behaviors.

  • An explanation of why sales opportunities now last the full last quarter of the year.

  • Tactics for building anticipation for major promotions.

  • Tips for using data to create targeted promotions and better segmentation.

  • An insightful guide on different aspects of effective retargeting campaigns.

  • Tips and tricks for choosing and executing your promo season strategy.


Pages about Black Friday and Holiday Season sales opportunities


Campaign strategies to try in upcoming sales events


Tips for making sure that people are both informed and excited about your Q4 activities

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