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Whatever you do online, we’ve got you covered. Successful ad campaigns are powered by better technology, but they really start with better understanding. Our dedicated experts are familiar with the nuances of your domain, whatever your stock in trade.

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At RTB House, our teams are built around industries, with dedicated experts who mix tested solutions with innovations in specific verticals. With the help of Deep Learning, we get straight to the heart of the matter, so that your ad campaigns can capture the hearts of customers.


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You build your business. Deep Learning builds on your success

Whether you are in health and beauty, supermarkets, or any other domain, you’ve worked hard to establish yourself as a leader in your field. The next growth step involves technology that works even harder!

RTB House algorithms are 100% powered by Deep Learning technology. The ability to do thousands of times more calculations than other versions of AI is the ultimate competitive advantage. Our algorithms can understand users as individuals, identifying what motivates them to interact with your specific products and the best ways to reach them with personalized ad content.

Deep Learning in retail. Rising to your challenge

Coping with scale

Stores can have thousands of products. Scale creates complexity, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Create cross-category promotions, push own-brand products, shift overstocks, and introduce customers to new lines.

Reaching customers

Some categories are fiercely contested in the online space. Effective ad campaigns increase your conversion and market share without upping the budget. Display retargeting ads in premium placements, at just the right moment, to drive conversions.

Choosing the right campaign

Your brand might value retargeting ads with high conversion rates or branding campaigns that raise awareness of your offers. Sometimes you need both. Drive conversions with static banners and use video content that makes people fall in love with your brand.


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In-house creatives that make every single product in your portfolio stand out from the crowd. Bespoke ads designed to complement your brand.


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Check out active RTB House ad campaigns that are super-charging results for businesses like yours.

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We believe in the Open Internet and in sharing knowledge. Check out our industry reports and content that can empower your online and offline business.


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