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Above and Beyond: Maximizing ROI in Travel with Advanced Programmatic Advertising Strategies

People are on the move and eager to see the world again. This demand has sustained the travel industry as it reinvents itself in the wake of the pandemic and other global shocks. Continued success in the industry, however, will require solid strategies outlined in this report. Precise targeting through artificial intelligence and a shift to first-party data are increasingly vital to sustainable growth. Get the report to learn more.

In the guide:
  • The current state and opportunities for the travel industry.
  • Internal RTB House research on buyer journeys.
  • Emerging trends in the travel sector.
  • Tips on more effective travel ad campaigns through the use of artificial intelligence.


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Trip planning windows offer opportunities to time-relevant offers at moments to get the most out of travel campaigns. This is especially useful as traditional patterns of seasonality weaken.

Robert Blanc

Sales Manager Benelux, RTB House

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Well-timed offers along with strong visuals are both essential for travel brands. People respond to visuals, so using them to drive decision-making is a lucrative strategy

Katarzyna Kołpa

Head of Creatives Offer Innovation, RTB House

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Data insights form a clearer picture of the needs and preferences of the individual traveler. If you know a given user better, you can anticipate their needs and provide customized recommendations for them.

Courtney Stuart

VP of Enterprise Sales US, RTB House

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