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Koton Case study

Koton Engages More Users at the Right Cost with Brilliant Video Campaigns

An ambitious multi-national fashion brand shares its seasonal sales message

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Lower CPCV than benchmarks


About the client

Founded in 1988 as a small fashion boutique in İstanbul, Koton has rapidly grown in Turkey and abroad, and now has 222 stores in 24 countries. It’s a customer-and technology-oriented brand with bold ambitions to have the richest and most popular collections across five continents in 2023.

What they say about us

“We were delighted with RTB House once again. We wanted to reach a specific group of users and were able to do so with innovative video ad solutions that engaged the relevant audience at a lower CPCV than we could have expected possible.”

Şeyma Helin Bayazit

Koton Digital Marketing and CRM Specialist


The challenge

After running other successful campaigns with RTB House, Koton decided to target specific users with a summer vacation swimwear campaign.

They wanted to deliver a mid-season sale message that would reach new users and help expand their customer base.

The challenge for RTB House was to deliver high-quality creatives to relevant users, and to help Koton utilize its ad budget to the fullest potential.


The solution

Koton chose 15-second video ads which would mix existing branding content with tailored, clickable products embedded in the creatives. The ads were typically aimed at female users; Koton wanted to increase brand awareness among this group of potentially new, loyal customers.

In order to ensure campaign effectiveness, ads were displayed in premium placements and carefully targeted through special interest groups and broadcasters.

The goal was not just to reach people but to measure their engagement with the content, so RTB House committed to a fixed Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) metric. This meant that Koton only paid for ads that were actually watched by the user.


The result

RTB House combined specific brand and industry knowledge with the strength of our Deep Learning-powered campaigns to over-deliver on all of Koton’s goals. Ad viewability was over 87%, with a stunning 75% completion rate, and the CPCV was 25% lower than target benchmarks.

Ads were displayed on high-quality websites, which also helped to elevate the prestige of the Koton brand among this new group of younger female users.

The results of the campaign were even more impressive considering that it ran from August to October, when swimwear sales are often in decline as the season comes to a close.


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