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Mosaic Brands Ltd’s Case Study

Mosaic Brands Ltd’s Remarkable Retargeting Success Propels Growth

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Increase in ROAS QoQ*


Higher conversion rate**



Increase in revenue**

*July-Sept 2022 vs Oct-Dec 2022 **Vs. legacy retargeting partner from 1 Jan 2022 - 31 May 2022


About the client

Mosaic Brands Ltd, a renowned fashion retailer, captivates customers with a diverse range of on-trend apparel and accessories. Headquartered in Rosebery, Australia, and with a rich history spanning decades, Mosaic Brands Ltd has emerged as a leading force in the industry, consistently delivering fashion forward products to a loyal customer base.

What they say about us

“RTB House has demonstrated exceptional agility in setting up and managing campaigns across eight key brands from our portfolio. The overall performance exceeded our expectations, leading us to establish a strong partnership with RTB House. We now rely on them to provide a boost to our retargeting. Their expertise and results have proven invaluable to our digital marketing efforts.”

Michelle Rando

Head of Acquisition & Engagement at Mosaic Brands Ltd


The challenge

Mosaic Brands Ltd faced the formidable challenge of optimizing their retargeting performance, scalability, and ad visibility across 8 of their brands. Wanting to capture and engage across all customer touchpoints, they needed a retargeting solution that could effectively reach the right audience, provide extensive coverage, and optimize ROAS. Mosaic Brands Ltd sought a partner who could deliver this. RTB House was entrusted with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing their retargeting strategy to maximize their marketing efforts and propel their brand forward in the fiercely competitive fashion landscape.


The solution

A dedicated RTB House team worked closely with Mosaic Brands Ltd to provide strategic advice and quickly design and implement a solution. RTB House created an ensemble of bespoke creative assets including static, native, and slogan banners that were fully in-line with each brand’s brand guidelines. RTB House’s leading- edge Deep Learning algorithms were used to target high-quality users, making sure that ads were served to users with a high probability to convert.

Throughout the campaign, progress was closely monitored, so that performance metrics could be constantly improved. By adopting a data-driven and performance-focused approach, we contributed to the campaign’s success and provided Mosaic Brands Ltd with an optimized and impactful retargeting strategy.


The result

Mosaic Brands Ltd saw remarkable results from the partnership. RTB House helped Mosaic Brands Ltd achieve 81.1% increase in Display revenue within the first five months from launch, a 13.4% higher conversion rate, and a 24.3% increase in ROAS (QoQ), surpassing the client’s initial targets and expectations.

As Mosaic Brands Ltd expand their business and evolve their marketing strategies, the fruitful partnership with RTB House is helping them lay the foundation for future success. The overachievement of targets has further strengthened the partnership and has prompted Mosaic to express interest in RTB House’s branding solution (which also uses proprietary Deep Learning-driven tools) with a view to further enhancing the future outlook and operations of Mosaic Brands Ltd.


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