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Pasaj Case study

Pasaj Tailors Product Recommendations with Interactive Chat Banners

Technology services provider ramps up consumer interaction with new ad model.

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About the client

Pasaj is a marketplace owned by Turkcell, and part of a related group of companies founded and headquartered in Turkey. Focusing on the sale of mobile phones, home electronics, and computers. They aim to increase their market share by offering Turkcell assurance and various payment methods to all potential customers.

Looking to enhance the consumer journey and ramp up personalization within their campaigns, they reached out to RTB House for a customized approach.

Mindshare is one of the top media agencies in Turkey. Its communication in this campaign focused on Pasaj, which is the ecommerce platform of Turkcell and other companies within the same group, where users can purchase mobile phones and various electronic products.

Built on trust and positive results, Mindshare has a longstanding relationship with RTB House which assists with their performance and branding strategies for Pasaj.

What they say about us

“Conversational commerce is a huge trend that we would like to implement more in our digital campaigns. Chat Banners offer the perfect opportunity to interact with consumers in an era of declining digital banner attention. We’ll continue to use such state-of-the-art technologies in our digital campaigns thanks to providers like RTB House.”

Elif Büşra Yapıcı

Turkcell Master Lead Media & Performance Marketing Manager


The challenge

Operating in the highly competitive electronics industry, Pasaj were experiencing low Conversion Rate (CR) and interaction rates with respect to their category due to product prices and length of time to purchase. In addition to this, the path from interest to sales completion was also too long. Pasaj required a solution that would address the challenge of leading the right users to the website and its products, whilst also informing clients about other relevant offers.


The solution

RTB House suggested utilizing Chat Banners which use interactive Q&A modeling. Questions are posed to users inside ads, and users then click proposed answers to create an AI-based conversation which includes tailored recommendations of products and categories based on user interests and responses.

Users who previously visited the Pasaj webpage would be targeted during the campaign with a focus on boosting interaction rates by reaching the right audience at the right time.

In order to enhance the performance of the campaign, unique avatar pictures and wordings were used for a more customer-centric approach. Users would first be directed to the main category of interest and then shown products from the relevant category.


The result

RTB House took a tailored approach to Pasaj’s goals, choosing the right campaign model for the company’s specific needs and then utilizing Deep Learning-powered technology to drive results. Chat Banners reached over half a million unique users and had an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of 1.14%. Pasaj was also satisfied with the strong rate of interaction and low opt-out rate throughout the campaign, which generated consistently strong results.


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