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2023 Guide to a Multiple Retargeting Strategy

This comprehensive report outlines the benefits of using multiple retargeting partners and how it can drive better results for advertisers. Based on internal RTB House data sourced from real campaigns, this guide reinforces the claim that working with multiple retargeters leads to larger audiences, more efficient advertising, and higher returns on ad spend. It also debunks the most popular myths regarding this strategy and provides tips and best practices on how to get the most out of advertising efforts.

In the guide:
  • Defining a multiple retargeting strategy
  • The benefits of working with multiple retargeters
  • Addressing multiple retargeting myths
  • Attribution models in multiple retargeting campaigns
  • The rules for implementing a multiple retargeting strategy
  • Tips on managing ad budgets while working with multiple retargeters


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of the most popular myths debunked


charts and stats based on RTB House internal data

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